The Gerald Anthony Furniture Store is a charity that helps poor and displaced people furnish their homes with the basics. It has been running for over 100 years, staffed mostly by volunteers. 
The brief:
They would like you to design a generic business card, letterhead, and paper mock up for the home page of their website. In addition they want you to design their 8 page annual review. The review will consist of: 
  • front cover 
  • inside front with a bit of blurb about their history  
  • the chair’s report 
  • the coordinator’s report 
  • the treasurer’s report 
  • a graph or design to show the breakdown of income and expenditure: 
    Income Expenditure – local authority grant – direct charitable expenditure – grants              from trusts – fundraising costs – donations – management and administration – other 
  • a page giving the names of the main grant funders and a list of the management                  committee: chair, treasurer, co-ordinator secretary and five other members
  • the back cover with an advertisement to encourage people to volunteer
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